Application Release Notes

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Release notes – Version 4.2.0

February 26, 2021


AS2021-128 Occupancy switch includes too many charts

AS2021-115 type-o in the “data settings” module

AS2021-104 Display BUG – compensation inputs, question 4



AS2021-131 Deploy to Prod

AS2021-92 Move filters + options from local -> Global

AS2021-86 UI Formatting

AS2021-77 Analytics UI modifications



AS2021-138 BE

AS2021-137 FE

AS2021-136 db updates

AS2021-135 BE

AS2021-134 FE

AS2021-133 db updates

AS2021-127 snackbar feedback after “save options”

AS2021-97 Move logic to global: Advanced Report

AS2021-96 Move logic to global: Operating results

AS2021-95 Move logic to global: Executive report

AS2021-94 Move logic from local -> global: Dashboard Report

AS2021-88 Charts

AS2021-87 Fonts

AS2021-85 UI mods: Create new expanding menu for data selections

AS2021-83 2 new icons in top nav margin

AS2021-82 Operating Results

AS2021-81 Executive Report

AS2021-80 Dashboard report

AS2021-79 BUG: color in menu bar

AS2021-78 Add org name to “operating results”



AS2021-130 text change in “data settings” menu

AS2021-118 remove (or comment out) tidio code snippet

AS2021-73 Calculation of days in a year -> Q2a + submit/validation steps

Release notes – Version 4.1.3

February 26, 2021


AS2021-105 HOTFIX: Comp Study: titles + positions not matching configuration

AS2021-103 HOTFIX: comp report – default year

Release notes – Version 4.1.2

February 5, 2021


AS2021-99 HOTFIX: Compensation report – Q4, field needs to be able to save as 0.0%

AS2021-98 HOTFIX: Compensation report – field save on Q1

Release notes – Version 4.1.0

January 29, 2021


AS2021-61 Notifications

AS2021-60 Billing Module

AS2021-58 HOTFIX: Compensation Question 3

AS2021-57 HOTFIX: password recovery



AS2021-62 CDU functionality

AS2021-55 Form 990 tools

AS2021-38 Comparative Data Universe – First iterations



AS2021-72 add tidio .js code to staging



AS2021-84 Add “return to survey” button

AS2021-75 When user makes changes, the “save” button turns a color and the words say “Save these settings”

AS2021-64 User can save CDU via “custom group”

AS2021-63 User can save CDU via “budget”

AS2021-59 2nd iteration UI

AS2021-56 Data inputs for Form 990

AS2021-54 2/5

AS2021-53 2/4

AS2021-52 2/3

AS2021-51 2/2

AS2021-50 2/1

AS2021-49 1/29

AS2021-48 1/28

AS2021-47 1/27

AS2021-46 1/26

AS2021-45 1/25

AS2021-44 1/22

AS2021-43 1/21

AS2021-42 1/20

AS2021-40 Add configuration link to gear menu

AS2021-39 Create first iteration FE, no BE functionality

Release notes – Version 4.0.0

January 15, 2021


AS2021-31 persistent snack bar (“coming soon”)

AS2021-29 phantom scroll bar on study navigation

AS2021-28 study navigation should not condense when menu collapses


Release notes – Version 3.5.1

December 16, 2020


AS2020-429 HOTFIX: Position config does not function for new users (or users without history)

Release notes – Version 3.4.3

November 30, 2020


AS2020-416 Refactor Principal Admin data handling

Release notes – Version 3.4.1

November 30, 2020


AS2020-415 HOTFIX: submit on compensation study puts modal off screen?

AS2020-414 demographic data for Admin, Level 1 should not appear on question 5

AS2020-413 Data in all “department” tables is wrong

Release notes – Version 3.4.0

November 12, 2020


AS2020-381 HOTFIX: “change billing” not available in the billing module

AS2020-378 HOTFIX: Benchmark Q1a – does not save

AS2020-367 “data input forms” on benchmarking open compensation inputs

AS2020-360 Entering PACStats report not consistent

AS2020-329 misaligned columns in Q1b on benchmarking

AS2020-310 Tourstats Report – doesn’t sort by date properly


AS2020-383 Compensation Report refinements

AS2020-353 Compensation Data Migration

AS2020-325 Compensation: Outputs

AS2020-320 Compensation: Validation on submit

AS2020-315 Compensation: Inputs

AS2020-286 Deploy to Demo (3.3.0)

AS2020-285 Deploy to Prod (3.3.0)

AS2020-280 Compensation tool: Position configuration


AS2020-401 UI refinements

AS2020-400 FE Staging Deployment

AS2020-385 Create container for management modules

AS2020-380 CSS: add border radius to container on all modules

AS2020-379 survey history: color change on buttons

AS2020-377 Tooltip on Demographics => Make background-color green and make a better position for the tooltip (closer)

AS2020-366 Change page ‘title’

AS2020-361 Compensation study – rename 2 items

AS2020-336 Compensation Inputs: Formatting

AS2020-331 TourStats: default text in management modules

AS2020-330 Q1b – rename in benchmarking

AS2020-326 Report naming

AS2020-297 General Application updates


AS2020-409 Department outputs

AS2020-408 Total compensation vs budget

AS2020-407 Performance evaluation

AS2020-406 Age & Gender

AS2020-405 Deferred Compensation

AS2020-404 All tables in compensation report

AS2020-403 When user selects “compensation study” icon on blue bar

AS2020-402 Border radius revision

AS2020-399 Check (and complete if applies) Back To Survey button on management modules

AS2020-390 Position management

AS2020-389 Survey history

AS2020-388 User management

AS2020-387 Spaces

AS2020-386 Organization

AS2020-384 ALL TABLES: column order

AS2020-376 Principal Admin: Industry Tenure

AS2020-375 Principal Admin: Performance Evaluation

AS2020-374 Principal Admin: Education

AS2020-373 Principal Admin: Age & Gender

AS2020-372 Principal Admin: Contracts

AS2020-371 Principal Admin: Compensation vs. Budget Size

AS2020-370 Principal Admin: Benefits

AS2020-369 Principal Admin: Bonus

AS2020-368 Principal Admin: Base Salary

AS2020-365 Question 5: Demographics – Add 4 fields

AS2020-364 Principal Admin: Deferred comp

AS2020-363 Principal admin: Total compensation

AS2020-362 Question 6 – paste from last year

AS2020-355 Demographics -> Demographics

AS2020-354 Compensation -> Compensation

AS2020-347 if ‘incomplete’ data on q 4 or 5, show message on submit

AS2020-346 Configuration: copy from previous year

AS2020-343 Backend Survey Submission update validation for Q3

AS2020-341 Backend Survey Submission validation (update it to v2) on Q4 and Q5

AS2020-340 Individual levels by department

AS2020-339 Question 6

AS2020-338 Question 2

AS2020-337 Question 1

AS2020-335 Question 4 – validation

AS2020-334 Question 3 – new layout

AS2020-333 Administration / Level 1

AS2020-328 PACStats report

AS2020-327 Tourstats

AS2020-322 validate: all configured positions must have all data entry complete

AS2020-321 validate: all positions listed in configuration must be associated with dept/level

AS2020-319 Q4 / Q5 UI

AS2020-318 Question 5: demographics

AS2020-317 Question 4: Propagate compensation inputs according to configuration

AS2020-316 Inputs: formatting. fix alignment on inputs

AS2020-309 Add logic to “Copy configuration”

AS2020-308 Add logic in backend to support the position handling

AS2020-307 Add the position configuration to the menu

AS2020-306 Attach the departments from BE configuration

AS2020-305 extend width of question selector

AS2020-304 Q2a – style changes

AS2020-303 Q1b – change column color

AS2020-302 Submit validation update

AS2020-301 Institutional Financial health

AS2020-300 Operating results – drop-down width

AS2020-299 Dashboard line charts / legend

AS2020-298 Dashboard report – color series

AS2020-295 admin – BE

AS2020-294 admin – FE

AS2020-293 Admin – BE

AS2020-292 Admin – FE

AS2020-291 BE

AS2020-290 FE

AS2020-289 duplicate products in stripe for tourstats

AS2020-288 Client – BE

AS2020-287 Client – FE

AS2020-284 Admin: add department management module under “Salary”

AS2020-283 Survey Year approach

AS2020-282 Formatting / small changes

AS2020-281 add outsource checkbox/functionality

AS2020-220 New titles and positions handling

Release notes – Version 3.3.0

August 27, 2020


  • [AS2020-96] – TourStats billing/invoicing
  • [AS2020-230] – [TourStats report] remove constraint on end date > recent 90 days
  • [AS2020-250] – Client: Benchmarking charts
  • [AS2020-254] – Dashboard Report – Add data series for ‘median’



  • [AS2020-9] – back to top button (pacstats and adv charts)
  • [AS2020-10] – collapse sections on Q2b
  • [AS2020-211] – Deploy to Prod (3.2.0)
  • [AS2020-229] – Admin: Add boolean for Organization.Founder in admin panel
  • [AS2020-231] – Add Download logic on TourStats – Create Report
  • [AS2020-238] – TourStats – adjustments
  • [AS2020-244] – TourStats: admin / import changes
  • [AS2020-253] – client: footer formatting
  • [AS2020-273] – Add debounce calls to charts fetching
  • [AS2020-274] – Several Changes
  • [AS2020-278] – Change the menu (use divider with colors) each divider makes the following icons have the same color
  • [AS2020-279] – Make the user profile a “Chip”


  • [AS2020-225] – Adv Charts: One org appears in “not charted” list by default
  • [AS2020-237] – Fix bug with tourstats report on version 3.2.2
  • [AS2020-296] – Bug on basic charts (pacstats report)

Release notes – Version 3.2.0

June 19, 2020


  • [AS2020-19] – Revise the “survey history” page
  • [AS2020-31] – TourStats UI – Front End
  • [AS2020-32] – TourStats admin integration
  • [AS2020-35] – TourStats data model
  • [AS2020-110] – Deploy to prod
  • [AS2020-118] – basic charts – changes to operating results >> theater utilization
  • [AS2020-128] – TourStats Admin – Client
  • [AS2020-137] – TourStats UI – BackEnd
  • [AS2020-182] – TourStats: Promoter & Agencies
  • [AS2020-186] – Add “Coming Soon” modal to demo/prod
  • [AS2020-193] – Research on loading xlsx or CSV and retrieve TourStats information
  • [AS2020-195] – [TourStats] Associate agency to artist
  • [AS2020-197] – Manage Artists/Agencies/Promoters use tooltips instead of the text on the right
  • [AS2020-198] – TourStats Admin platform
  • [AS2020-200] – TourStats: Some changes and fixes
  • [AS2020-201] – TourStats: Bulk insert routings from files
  • [AS2020-208] – TourStats: Avoid duplicate tours on creation and on edit
  • [AS2020-209] – TourStats add option to delete tour
  • [AS2020-210] – [Admin] If a routing fails during the creation, show related information




  • [AS2020-69] – Notification module inserts strange symbols w/o warning
  • [AS2020-88] – Question 6 – 2 items
  • [AS2020-109] – adjust endpoint (UNION ALL vs UNION)
  • [AS2020-127] – Appcues fix – userID
  • [AS2020-149] – TourStats Edit Tourstats not saving and missing Icon on columns
  • [AS2020-151] – PACStats report: PACC switch reloads, but does NOT retrieve the correct data
  • [AS2020-154] – what happened to the sidebar icons?
  • [AS2020-157] – compensation report: backround color change to white
  • [AS2020-158] – some bugs
  • [AS2020-175] – Billing module – validation always prevents submit
  • [AS2020-179] – error in tooltip on chart – incorrect number format
  • [AS2020-187] – TourStats: Reports
  • [AS2020-188] – Tourstats: inputs and formatting – edit routing
  • [AS2020-194] – Admin: change order of menu branches
  • [AS2020-207] – Admin: venue screen

Release notes – Version 3.1.0

March 30, 2020




  • [AS2020-61] – Meetings – week of 2/3/2020
  • [AS2020-65] – change title of questions in drop-down & on question pages
  • [AS2020-70] – add this field to pass to AppCues
  • [AS2020-74] – Install Heap (code snippet in header)


  • [AS2020-27] – admin: additional user permissions needed
  • [AS2020-28] – outsource/employee not working properly
  • [AS2020-54] – Fields on submitted surveys should all be disabled
  • [AS2020-55] – Question 3 – totals not aligned
  • [AS2020-56] – Question 6 – fields not aligned properly
  • [AS2020-67] – “Citizens engaged” question on submit process is incorrectly configured
  • [AS2020-71] – user permissions not working after changing selection
  • [AS2020-73] – double scroll bars in notification window
  • [AS2020-82] – UI FIXES part 2
  • [AS2020-85] – submit: “total number of people engaged” is reversed
  • [AS2020-86] – Admin: New library items won’t submit (validation issue)
  • [AS2020-91] – adjust chart data in adv charts
  • [AS2020-99] – PACC switch doesn’t do anything on PACStats (basic) report

Release notes – Version 3.0.0

March 9, 2020





  • [AS2020-52] – Code upgrade: drop-down options are non-responsive
  • [AS2020-57] – Staging – Adv Charts – Chart list – width
  • [AS2020-58] – compensation report – navigation is broken
  • [AS2020-59] – Adv charts: spacing / formatting issues
  • [AS2020-60] – Billing module – connection might be broken to

Release notes – Version 2.9.0

January 20, 2020


  • [ASTE2019-327] – Add “maintenance days” to utilization





Release notes – Version 2.8.0

November 18, 2019





  • [ASTE2019-279] – Avg Use Days: Endpoint looks incorrect
  • [ASTE2019-280] – seats available calculation errors
  • [ASTE2019-281] – revenue per seats available — inconsistent
  • [ASTE2019-285] – Admin: ‘manage active subscribers’ will not allow an addition
  • [ASTE2019-286] – compensation report: user should not see survey years where do data is submitted
  • [ASTE2019-289] – revenue per seats available — chart still not showing data
  • [ASTE2019-305] – HOTFIX: type-o on question 1b
  • [ASTE2019-308] – incorrect label: number of events (adv charts)
  • [ASTE2019-321] – display submission history re: salary survey permissions

Release notes – Version 2.7.0

August 5, 2019




Release notes – Version 2.6.0

July 16, 2019





Release notes – Version 2.5.0

June 11, 2019





  • [ASTE2019-212] – past years (not submitted) still charting at 0
  • [ASTE2019-213] – non-submitted year data should not appear
  • [ASTE2019-228] – null being saved as zero. should be saved as null and not appear

Release notes – Version 2.4.0

May 13, 2019




  • [ASTE2019-97] – Marketing: Presentation cost as % pres rev


  • [ASTE2019-176] – ZOERR bug – “other revenues” not being stored in tblOrganizationRevenue (Question 1b)
  • [ASTE2019-177] – Total Seats Available still not calculating correctly
  • [ASTE2019-178] – Question 2 not saving SeatCount consistently
  • [ASTE2019-191] – Salary Survey, Question 5: too many digits after the decimal
  • [ASTE2019-199] – All reports – data should ONLY query from orgs who submitted the survey for that year
  • [ASTE2019-203] – If broadway = ‘no’, then do not display these 2 charts

Release notes – Version 2.3.0

April 1, 2019


  • [ASTE2019-64] – Revenues per Seats Available – not displaying data
  • [ASTE2019-65] – Paid Capacity Sold – errors in calculation
  • [ASTE2019-157] – super admin – users don’t show up for some organizations (inconsistent)
  • [ASTE2019-173] – dashboard report not showing data properly
  • [ASTE2019-176] – ZOERR bug – “other revenues” not being stored in tblOrganizationRevenue (Question 1b)
  • [ASTE2019-177] – Total Seats Available still not calculating correctly
  • [ASTE2019-178] – Question 2 not saving SeatCount consistently
  • [ASTE2019-191] – Salary Survey, Question 5: too many digits after the decimal
  • [ASTE2019-199] – All reports – data should ONLY query from orgs who submitted the survey for that year
  • [ASTE2019-200] – CHARTS: if results are 0, just don’t chart the data
  • [ASTE2019-203] – If broadway = ‘no’, then do not display these 2 charts